Let’s Party!  We have a wide selection, from not only table cloths and straws but also dishes and glasses

We understand what stocking this aisle is all about, a range of items allows for
a variety of events to be catered as a result everyone finds what they are looking for!
With this in mind, we offer a broad selection of celebration essentials.

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Assorted Balloons

Macon Assorted Colourful Balloons 50 pack

Assorted Balloons

Assorted coloured Balloons with "Dots"

Assorted Balloons – Dots

Assorted Coloured Balloons - Happy Birthday

Assorted Balloons – Happy Birthday

Assorted Balloons - Neon

Assorted Balloons – Neon


Numbered Candle


Numbered Candle


Numbered Candle


Numbered Candle


Numbered Candle


Numbered Candle


Numbered Candle


Numbered Candle


Numbered Candle


Colourful Candles


Colourful Candles


Happy Birthday Candles Blue Glitter

Birthday Candles with pink glitter

Birthday Candles Pink Glitter

Colourful Happy Birthday Candles with Glitter

Happy Birthday Candles Colourful Glitter

set of numbered candles

Set of Numbered Candles

biodegradable drinking cups

Drinking Cups



Cold Drink Cups

Cold Drink Cups

Cold Drink Cups

Square Paper Plates made from raw materials

Square Paper Plates

Toothpicks in Wooden Dispenser

Toothpick in Wooden Dispenser

Crystal clear shot glasses made of the bio-plastic PLA

Shot Glasses

White Paper Paper plates out of 100% fresh fiber paperboard

White Paper Plates

"Happy Birthday" Plates, 23 cm

Birthday Plates

Blue and Red Bunting

Colourful Foil Bunting

Foil Birthday Bunting

Made from natural rubber latex

Sunny Balloons

Happy Birthday Balloons

Happy Birthday Balloons

Birthday Bunting

Tablecloth, paper 120 cm x 180 cm "Happy Birthday"

Birthday Table Cloth

Assorted Coloured Shot Glasses

Happy Birthday Silver Foil Balloon

Foil Balloon

Red Glasses for Sparkling Wine

Glasses for Sparkling Wine

Birthday Paper Cups

Printed Party Table Cloth

Paper Cups

Paper party plates 23 cm

Paper Plates

Balloons in assorted colours and shapes


Paper Straws made of renewable raw materials

Paper Straws

Wooden toothpicks


Letter Candles

Colourful printed Party bags, with "Party time" print

Printed Party Bags

Coloured Assorted Party bags 28 cm x 19 cm

Assorted Party Bags

Party Blowers

Party Time Alice Bands

Party Alice Bands


Metallic Party Hats

Birthday Candles